Get the bible in your favorite translation
Get the Bible in many different translations for your personal interest-study-use
The Good News for Kids
A Flash Gospel presentation geared for small kids
The Kristo
Flash Gospel presentation geared toward teens, catchy music, stunning visuals
St. Joe Community Church
a new church start with a biblical message and ministry for the year 2012 and beyond
Intelligent Design and Creation Resources
Christian resources challenging the secularization of science. Explore an alternative with a christian emphasis in science
Science Museum
new science museum presenting an alternative to secular interpretations of science evidence wiith an emphasis on the biblical accounts of the earth's origins
SBC Life
Journal of the Southern Baptist Convention
Want another opinion?
Want another angle of our beliefs? Compare us to other SBC, Baptist, and Evangelical organizations-churches-agencies
Baptist 2 Baptist
About current issues in Southern Baptist life
Biiblical Solutions and Chriistian Resources for life
  March 2021  
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